Monday, 28 April 2008

Begging for Gold

Gold beggars are prevailant in Stormwind and Ironforge nowdays. It seems that when I stand in these cities I am pestered almost continuously by low level beggars crying for a few gold. Despite my suggestions that they go out and kill things they still seem to find it necessary to keep whispering me and opening trade windows.

And so as I told a rather annoying gold beggar to 'Shoveth hys heade where thee sun shineth rarely' I began to thnik about why gold beggars exist.

The most obvious kind of beggar is the 'noob' beggar, new to the game and uncertain as to what they are doing. These guys sometimes act positively to good advice.

The Alt is the worst kind, this may be a lvl 10-12 character that has been dressed down to look more pitiful. These guys can be found in lvl 2-3 grey items claiming they are new to the game. My best solution here is to chase them around shouting scam until they log off.

The final kind is the gold seller. These gold beggars tend to have poorly formed English and tend to be more persistant than others. For these guys it is best to open a trade window and leave several thousand gold in it, then go AFK. It is quite humorous to look back through the chat log and see for just how long the beggar sat there asking you to press the trade button.

So why do these people do it?

Easy, it's profitable.

Despite how most people mock and derise the gold beggars many others still pass over a bit of money here and there regardless. This might be because they have fallen for a story (Pls I just need 2 gold for spells!) or maybe they are just feeling charitable. The fact of the matter is that, like the gold spammers ingame, they do it because it works.

So please, everyone join me in not giving gold to beggars in WoW, and maybe, just maybe, the cities will become just a little less annoying.


David said...

That rant isn't even half true. Low levels often beg for money to give them a head start; giving them the advantage over the monsters they're killing and the quests they're doing. Say if you're level 80, or even 70, you will usually have quite a bit of gold. Giving away 3 gold is not even going to dent that amount of gold you have. So, to be fair, stop being so stubborn and start helping people :)
Pure selfishness

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Steven said...

David, your justification for funding beggars is so narrow-minded it's not even funny.

Do you actually know the beggars you're giving gold to? The answer is no, which means you have no clue what is happening to that gold you're dishing out. For all you know you're funding the idiots who spam players trying to sell gold. You don't know so don't pretend you do.

Anyway you're completely wrong as to why people won't give beggars gold. It's not because they're selfish or don't want to help, it's the principle. The whole point of the game is to learn how it works, work towards goals, achieve those goals, and earn the rewards. If these players go out there and play, they'll actually make MORE gold than by begging.

The fact is giving gold to beggars encourages these lowlifes to beg more, even when it's not necessary for them to do so. They can be very persistent too, by randomly opening trade windows in your face, you close it, then they open it in your face again. Most of them need to be shouted at before they will go away.

The vast majority of real players hate beggars, and for good reason. They harass, leach, and will not contribute themselves in any way. They are scum and should be banned for repeat offences.