Thursday, 1 May 2008

Are Daily Quests a Good Thing?

Blizzard are quite obviously pushing Daily Quests into the game of World of Warcraft. With Patch 2.4 and the introduction of sunwell isle there were 36 new quests, although some were 'continuation quests' once a phase had been completed. (See Here for the Full Shattered Sun Offensive Patch 2.4 Daily Quests)

Now despite the occasional daily quest being fun (I love the bombing run dailys) suddenly people realised you could make a lot of gold very quickly by doing daily quests. All of a sudden the influx of people doing daily quests destroyed raid groups, set to motion people logging on for 4 hours and doing nothing but the same quests over and over, and eventually saw a lot of people quit because what they were doing was boring and held no challenge.

My view on dailies is that while they are a good idea their implementation makes them too powerful. The fact is that these should be a supplement to the game, instead because they reward so well they are infact BECOMING the game. In my personal opinion the daily quest rewards should be significantly dropped so people can play the game once more.

I like to raid, I can see why people PVP, Hell I even agree that arena Epics aren't welfare (Though the ones bought with honour and tokens most definitely ARE welfare epics!) Daily quests have turned world of warcraft away from a game aimed at focusing on being the best and instead have shot it right into the realm of boring repetitive questing.

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