Thursday, 17 April 2008

Guild Sponsorship in WoW

Now it is well known that some guilds, the larger ones have been sponsored by some big names in world of warcraft. But what about the smaller guilds?

Well as advertising ingame in WoW becomes more and more dificult while also becoming less and less profitable it was only a matter of time till the gold spammers tried something new. It seems hat time has arrived. Many guilds have complained that they have been inundated with gold sellers offering to host their guild site or cover all their oporational real life costs, donate several thousand gold ot their guild bank or similar all for a small advert on their guild website. This is no miniscule offer for many guilds who have to dredge up several hundred pounds a year to operate.

Needless to say there has been outrage from a huge amount of guilds around this, but at the same time quite a few guild websites are slowly putting into play an odd gold selling advert here and there.

Now from a moral standpoint I am against the gold sellers, more for how annoying they are in game than anything else. I can see why some people would buy gold, after all they cant play WoW much, they dont have time to grind etc, Hell I have the same problem a lot of the time. I can also see the point of view of those saying they have spent ages grinding gold just to have other people buy it for fifty quid.

To them I say hell, you try working two jobs, keeping a girlfriend, your mates and some semblance of a family together and then talk to me about grinding time.

I havn't bought gold, I dont plan to but I do sympathise. I also personally like the fact that these guys are putting something into the WoW community, low key website adverts are much more to my taste than annoying gold spam messages in trade every two seconds (Please anyone who DOES buy gold boycott mmo-inn)

So if my guild gets offered this I am sorely tempted to take it, hell our guild costs are around £220 a year, pretty high I think you'll agree!